Mariachi Movie Night

(Ay Jalisco, No Te Rajes!‘ ("Hey Jalisco, Don’t Back Down!"))
(Mexico, 1941, 100 mins, DVD)
In Spanish
CAST Jorge Negrete, Gloria Marin, Carlos Lopez, Evaita Munoz Charchita
Classification: PG
The 5th MARIACHI FESTIVAL CANADA is scheduled from May 15th to May 20th 2013 in various cities and locations in Canada, including a Mariachi Gala in Vancouver on Saturday May 18th 2013. The festival features mariachis, dancers and performers from Mexico, USA and Canada. For a full calendar and information please visit: RATED: PG


In rural Mexico, when a young boy’s parents are killed, he is raised by a farm worker and the town’s barman, who instills a desire of vengeance in him, and as an adult he romances a young woman who is going to marry a rich man to save her father from financial ruin. This 1941 Mexican film classic became an enormous hit and features Jorge Negrete as the first cinematic singing Mariachi. This performance made Negrete - ’el charro cantor’ an international Latin film star and launched the appearance of singing mariachis in films.

As for the famous title song, Walt Disney borrowed the melody and added new English lyrics for his film The Three Caballeros (1944). The song has also been covered by Placido Domingo, Julio Ingelsias and even Senator Ted Kennedy, who apparently serenaded Texan voters with it while campaigning for Barack Obama in 2008.