I Am Breathing

(Scotland, Denmark, 2012, 73 mins)


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Neil Platt has a lovely life. He’s popular and funny; he has wonderful friends and a fulfilling career. He meets a beautiful, talented woman who loves him. They build a home together and have a gorgeous baby boy. Shortly after his son’s birth, Neil notices a slight difficulty when walking. Within a year, he transforms from a healthy young father to being completely paralyzed from the waist down. Knowing the disease will progress, Neil attempts to create a memory box for his son while he still has the ability to speak, but how can he anticipate what his son will need in a future that’s quickly being taken away? As Neil contemplates the final moments of his life against the first few of his son, we’re a privileged witness to his remarkable serenity, insight and humour. His extraordinary and artful exploration of his own years illuminates the fragile power of ours that remain. (Sarafina DiFelice)

"Among the year’s most moving films." Neil Young, Hollywood Reporter

"Alternately heartbreaking and disarmingly sardonic." Basil Tsiokos, Indiewire