(GB, 2012, 98 mins, DCP)
CAST Alice Lowe, Steve Oram, Amy Jump


It’s the camping trip from hell! Produced by Edgar Wright, the latest from Down Terrace and Kill List director Ben Wheatley is another pitch black comedy on English manners and psycho-pathology, the missing link between Mike Leigh and Hammer Horror. Chris and Tina depart on what is supposed to be a romantic caravan trip (or "erotic odyssey" as Tina prefers to think of it). Alas, litterbugs, obnoxious hikers and condescending tourists interrupt their idyll at every turn, reminding us of Sartre’s famous truism, "hell is other people".

A very English take on the "couple on the run" romance that includes such classics as They Live By Night, Gun Crazy, Badlands, and Natural Born Killers, this scabrous comedy of petty jealousy and perversity one-ups the Americans with such unique beauty spots as the National Tramway Museum at Crich, the Ribblehead Viaduct and the Keswick Pencil Museum.

"This sardonic depiction of Britain, as a land where a thin veneer of strained politesse and fussy specificity of tastes masks a throbbing heart of darkness, makes for Ben Wheatley’s best film yet." Jesse Cataldo, Slant

"A black comic state of the nation address." Kim Newman, Empire

"Dark, gruesome, blithely amoral and thoroughly entertaining." Sheila O’Malley,