Mindfulness and Murder

(Thailand, 2011, 90 mins, DCP)
In Thai with English subtitles
Canadian Premiere


Thai-English director Tom Waller takes on one of the popular Father Ananda mystery novels. Former cop Ananda is now a senior monk and is asked by the abbot to solve a murder inside his monastery because the police don’t want to get involved. Not everything in the monastery is what it should be…

Director’s Statement

’’The idea was to make a police detective story—you can think of CSI, or In the Name of the Rose. But I wanted to do it with the backdrop of a murder in a monastery, to put a new spin into it. It’s not a film about religion, and certainly I’m not picking on Buddhism. What I want to do is to show how monks really live, to make them into real characters, because I don’t see many films like that getting made. […] I respect monks of course. I respect that they’re respected. But I think I have an objective look. So I go into the monastery with a magnifying glass and I look around and find out what’s interesting. That’s my film.’’