(Italy, 1980, 107 mins, 35mm)
In English
CAST Irene Miracle, Leigh McCloskey, Eleanora Giorgi, Alida Valli


Dario Argento’s follow up to 1977’s Suspiria is one of the most dazzling horror movies ever made. A poet in New York, Rose (Irene Miracle) becomes convinced that she is sharing living space with one of the mythical Three Mothers, the Mother of Darkness (the other witches’ covens are said to exist in Rome and Germany). Indeed, the further she explores the building, the darker things become. Logic itself seems to bend as the rational world gives way to supernatural fears, forebodings, and sudden, violent death.

Full of riddles, as Argento put it, the movie wouldn’t get a pass from many studio script readers, but for anyone with the eyes and ears to appreciate cinema it’s a bloody marvel. Keyboardist Keith Emerson wrote the score, while Argento’s mentor Mario Bava collaborated on some of the astonishing visual effects. Critic Kim Newman wrote, "Every sequenceis a meticulously orchestrated mini-symphony of camera movement, stylised lighting, sound effects, music and found objects… Previously the murders in Argento’s films have been set pieces; Inferno is all set pieces, and thus all of a piece."

"Inferno is a masterpiece of absolute film, perhaps the most underrated horror movie of the 1980s." Kim Newman, Nightmare Movies