Tipping Points with Bernice Notenboom

(2013, 80 mins)
FEATURING Bernice Notenboom


Featuring special guest Bernice Notenboom

Q&A following the screening with Bernice Notenboom, climate journalist, professional adventurer and host of The Tipping Points.

The world’s climate systems are becoming unstable. One small change and they could pass the tipping point: a threshold that, when crossed, would have a devastating, irreversible impact on ecosystems around the globe. Are we too late to stop it?

In this six-part series, BC-based climate journalist and adventurer Bernice Notenboom heads to remote areas of the planet where climate systems may be nearing a tipping point. Each episode features a critical example, including:

• the collapse of the Greenland Ice Sheet

• the dieback of the Amazon Rainforest

• droughts and floods in Africa

• the rapid melt of the Alaskan Permafrost

• rising temperatures in the Southern Ocean, and

• the melting of the Himalayan Glaciers

Bernice joins leading international environmental scientists in the field as they examine evidence of ecosystems under threat: the soot-like substance covering Greenland’s glaciers; lakes that catch fire due to high levels of methane gas; islands in the south Pacific at risk of disappearing under the rising ocean.

In the episode Bernice will be sharing with us, Ice Sheets of Greenland, she finds out just what scientists on the ground are finding out about how fast the Greenland ice-sheet is melting and what effect this could have on the global ocean currents that drive our weather systems.

Understanding the potential domino effect of the Greenland ice sheet melt starts with an expedition to S10 camp where Professor Alun Hubbard and a team of researchers are conducting detailed measurement of the Greenland Ice-sheet. What is the Equilibrium line and why is this so important?

Bernice Notenboom is a climate journalist and professional adventurer. But that’s not all. Notenboom is more than just a fervent traveler who is passionate about fighting climate change. Her extreme expeditions are blazing a path by placing focus on the tipping points of the world’s climate.

She became the first woman on skis to reach the North and South Poles, as well as the Siberian ‘Pole of Cold’ and traversed Greenland’s ice cap in just one year. She climbed to the top of Mount Everest and kayaked 1000 km on the Niger River in the Sahara. She is a climate chaser, traveling to the world’s extreme regions, bringing global warming to the attention of world political leaders and business executives.

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