We Are Here

(Canada, 2013, 80 mins, DCP)


In 1945, 95% of the Jews in Poland were murdered during the Holocaust. In 2013, a Jewish museum is erected, a monument not just to the past, but to a New Poland. We Are Here is an important documentary looking at the complex and fragile Polish-Jewish relatinship through the eyes of five Jews living in Poland today.

Meet Ania, a young woman celebrating her newly discovered Jewish identity, dedicated to building her life in Warsaw. Meet Henryk, at ninety-seven he is one of two survivors in a small town that was once half Jewish. Meet Leslaw, he had to come out twice, as Jewish and as gay. Meet Larysa, who came out as a Jew in her forties and is haunted by the death that surrounds her. Meet Irena, a survivor of the Warsaw ghetto who lost her entire family and for fifty years chose to live her life as a non-Jew.

We Are Here is about how a country, a people, a community and individual families are impacted by the events of World War II.

This groundbreaking new film excavates the fragile, shaky rebirth of Polish Jewish life in the shadow of the Holocaust.