Super Duper Alice Cooper

(Canada, 2014, 86 mins, DCP)
FEATURING Alice Cooper, Shep Gordon, Dennis Dunaway, Sheryl Cooper, Bob Ezrin, Neal Smith


Jul 28 08:30 pm

School’s out for summer, and son of a preacher man Vincent Furnier (better known as the rock n roll icon Alice Cooper) would like to remind you that there’s more to life than grades, grad and grind. Like sex, drugs and grand guignol, for example.

This portrait of the maestro of 70s shock rock serves eqaully well as a primer for Alice initiates and as a waltz down memory lane for the die-hard fan. Drawing on an apposite Jeckyll and Hyde analogy, the trio of Canadian filmmakers suggest how Furnier consciously and cleverly manipulated his theatrical image, and the considerable excesses that made his a particularly rocky road. Alice/Vincent himself, though, seems an utterly amiable guide, and never one to take himself too seriously.