VIWIFF: Afterparty

(Canada, 2012, 120 mins)
CAST Ali Liebert, Christina Sicoli, David Milchard, Emma Lahana, Erica Carroll, Graham Coffeng, Jodi Balfour, Nicholas Carella, Peter Benson


After a newlywed couple departs for their honeymoon, best man Charlie (Graham Coffeng) gathers his 30-something former high school friends for a late night party in their house, where he has been couch-surfing for weeks. While Charlie is dealing with his troubled marriage, his friends fight their own midlife demons: Tracy (Ali Liebert) tries to balance her life as a successful-but-lonely TV actress, and newly divorced loudmouth Bruce (Nicolas Carella) seeks to bed a 22-year old. Bitter words exchanged between former jock Dave (David Milchard) and outsider wife Karen (Jodi Balfour) suggest trouble in paradise. Cheeses roll, tears flow, and new alliances are forged in this tragic-comedic roller coaster emotions.

Afterparty is the first feature by Vancouver-based Sociable Films.

Produced under a UBCP Members Initiated Project (MIP) agreement, Afterparty is a rare cooperatively-produced film. Director Ouellet developed nine archetypal characters and 40 unscripted scenes with her actors, who improvised on set for six consecutive summer weekends in 2012.