Taiwanese Film Festival: Good Luck! Boy

(Taiwan, 98 mins)
CAST Roy Chou, Joelle Lu, Yanting Chen, Chia-cheng Cheng, Yu-rui Chen, Hung-chang Chu,Wei-xun Na, An Di, You Anhsun and Hao Hsu


Do you still remember the things you cherished during your childhood? Do you realize that perhaps a thought, that has already embedded itself in your memory, has priceless value to you? Ah Ze, the protagonist, is a fraud music expert who accidentally becomes the project planner for a ceremony of a one-hundred-year-old sugar factory. While Ah Ze is writing a theme song for the ceremony concert, he discovers that the sugar factory is planned to be demolished after the ceremony. Since Ah Ze realizes the importance of the factory to him, being a significant part of his childhood, he decides to protect this cultural heritage. The initial motivation to film the movie holds the same reason; that is to preserve a sugar factory which may soon to be destructed. Good Luck! Boy reminds people that there are many things that deserve preserving and cherishing, not only in our memory but in for our future.