Taiwanese Film Festival: Rock Me to the Moon

(Taiwan, 2013, 115 mins)
CAST Pan Yu Gang, Wu Jin Hui, Ou-Yang Dong Lin, Zheng Chun Sheng, Li Zheng De, Yong Ba


This documentary follows six fathers with various backgrounds and professions that join together to form a band. The group starts with no knowledge of music whatsoever. They overcome several challenges and are eventually able to perform in one of the largest music festivals in Taiwan. What was the original driving force behind this group of men? Each of the fathers within the band has at least one of their family members suffering from rare diseases. Nevertheless, these strong-willed fathers do not let the cruelty of reality consume their hope and happiness away, their hardships transcend into motivators that propel them to continue spreading the awareness of rare diseases. For most people, music is an escape from their daily lives. However, for these middle-aged men, it is their passion in music that aids them in the search for a new meaning of life and lets them discover what love really is.

Preceded by short film: Life of Bri