Venezuela In Motion: Two Days of New Venezuelan Cinema - Diary of Bucaramanga (El Diario de Bucaramanaga)

(Venezuela, 2012, 129 mins)
In Spanish
Classification: PG


Jul 25 06:00 pm

It’s 1828 and conflicts surround the consolidation of independence in South America. Liberator Simón Bolívar and his political advisers are in the city of Bucaramanga awaiting news of the Ocaña Convention, which is expected to generate a constitution for Colombia. In dramatic days marked by intrigue and treachery, at the hands of Colombian General Francisco de Paula Santander, the future of the larger initiative of a South American nation –Gran Colombia– is decided as Bolívar recalls key moments in his life. The film is based on the homonymous 19th century memoirs by Luis Perú de Lacroix, a French general who fought in the army of Napoleon I and then joined Bolívar’s army in 1823.

Preceded by the short film DesPite Truction (DesPecho Truccion)

Director: María Ruiz, Venezuela, 2013, 11 min.

She wants to forget Gabriel. Then, destruction starts: cli-click (a lighter starts a fire that burns precious objects) crashhhh / boooom / kaploom. She wrecks whatever reminds her of him: books, music, movies, their house… her very own clitoris –everything. "In order to forget Gabriel I would have to cry my eyes out, cry him so much as to drain him out of me, turned into salt and mucus blown into a napkin,” she says, before heading towards the ultimate destruction stage. And there, amid the ruins, she finds something, a mind-changer… a secret. 

This is a non-ticketed event and the film screenings are free.