Venezuela in Motion: Reveron

(Venezuela, 2011, 120 mins)
In Spanish
Classification: 14A


This film tells the story of classically trained Venezuelan painter Armando Reverón (1889-1954) who lived on the Caribbean coast with his partner and muse Juanita, from 1924 onwards. There, he erected a primitive, magical realm he called home: El Castillete (little castle), where he alternately engaged in games, ceremonies, and delusions in the ludic, sensitive and painful universe he inhabited. His painting became impressionistic as he tried to capture the blinding white tropical light. Reverón won Venezuela’s National Painting Prize the year before his depression and eccentricities resulted in confinement in a mental hospital, where he died. Reverón is a love story set within the artist’s creative struggle.

Preceded by the short film:

Fang (Colmillo)

Director: Albi De Abreu, Venezuela, 2010, 18 min.

An indomitable stray dog takes Mateo’s "home" as its territory. Mateo, a beggar immersed in solitude, is determined to regain his space at any cost, embarking in a great battle where loneliness and company will compete to attain the main role in Mateo’s life.

This is a non-ticketed event and the film screenings are free.