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Hong Kong

(Hon zin)
Hong Kong Spirit Films

This breathless, twisty Hong Kong cop thriller triumphed at the 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards, picking up nine statuettes including best film, best director, best screenplay and best actor (Tony Leung Ka Fai).

(Ji zhan)
Hong Kong Spirit Films

This mixed martial arts drama packs a real dramatic punch thanks to director Dante Lam’s sophisticated filmmaking and a powerhouse performance from star Nick Cheung.

"The storytelling artistry of Hong Kong helmer Dante Lam and Nick Cheung’s powerhouse performance make a raw and compelling experience out of this action-drama set in the world of mixed martial arts. While Lam never loses his grip on the action, he also beautifully modulates his characters’ turbulent ups and downs like musical movements, expressing the protagonist’s motto that fighting is all about setting your own rhythm." Maggie Lee, Variety

Hong Kong Spirit Films

Described as nothing less than "miraculous", this low budget HK dance film became a box office sensation last summer and newcomer Cherry Ngan became an overnight star.

"A cracking spectacle that showcases some of Hong Kong’s best street dancers" The Hollywood Reporter

"The choreography shows flashes of genuine inventiveness that will impress even those unfamiliar with the street dance scene." Twitch

"After all these years, we have finally found the new hope for Hong Kong cinema." Shu Kei

Hong Kong Spirit Films

Framed around the Swedish sojourn (1904-1908) of Kang Youwei (Liu Kai Chi), who famously revived the Confucian utopia Datong: The Great Society, the film traces the struggle of Kang, his daughter Tung Pih (Lindzay Chan), and his disciple Liang Qichao (Ben Yeung) to modernize China’s imperial monarchy.

"Exciting, inventive, bold, post-modern!" Ann Hui, filmmaker


Vancity Theatre Screening

Maybe the ultimate in "movie-ness", Gyorgy Palfi’s romance is 100% recycled, a love story assiduously compiled from hundreds of movie clips, featuring a who’s who of cinema greats, from Marilyn Monroe to Jackie Chan, Marlene Dietrich to Marcello Mastroianni, all recast as the emblematic Man and Woman. Hungarian visionary Palfi spent three years in the editing room crafting this unique mash up - a copyright nightmare that will likely never be available for home viewing.

"An odds-on candidate for the greatest movie ever made." New York Film Festival

"An odds-on candidate for the greatest movie ever made." New York Film Festival

"Final Cut might be the greatest film about film ever made… [It] might be the most romantic film ever made as well… The first film in forever that has elicited such wonderment in this jaded cineaste." Joshua Chaplinsky, Twitch

GB, Hungary

Music Mondays

The first Western Rock concert staged behind the Iron Curtain, this momentous performance drew 80,000 fans. The set includes favourite hits like "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," "I Want To Break Free" and "We Are The Champions."

Re-mastered in high definition and superb 5.1 surround sound.