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Duration: 94 mins
Country of Origin: Palestine, 2015
B&W By Design: Monochrome Movies in the Colour Era


Jul 11 06:30 pm

In this Palestinian comedy-thriller, Sami Metwasi plays Mousa, a petty thief looking to leave his home behind. There’s a chance to sneak out through Israel to Italy, but our hero will need $5,000 cash. He steals a Volkswagen, expecting a big payoff, but there’s an awful surprise in the trunk, and poor Mousa winds up caught between Palestinian militants and Israeli intelligence in a deadly dilemma.


Duration: 118 mins
Country of Origin: Portugal, 2012
B&W By Design: Monochrome Movies in the Colour Era


Jul 04 08:50 pm

Gloriously lyrical, sumptuously shot, occasionally funny and unabashedly romantic—Miguel Gomes’ (Our Beloved Month of August) latest "moves from modern-day Lisbon to a rapturous evocation of romance in colonial Africa. But no plot description can do justice to the idiosyncratic poetry of director Miguel Gomes." Sight & Sound.

France, Portugal

Duration: 97 mins
Country of Origin: France,Portugal, 2015
Vancity Theatre Screening


Jul 29 08:15 pm
Jul 30 07:30 pm
Jul 31 05:00 pm
Aug 02 04:00 pm
Aug 03 08:15 pm

The late Andrzej Zulawski’s final film is an ominous and manic exploration of desire. Witold who has just failed the bar, and his companion Fuchs, who has recently quit his fashion job, are staying at a guesthouse run by the intermittently paralytic Madame Woytis. Upon discovering a sparrow hanged in the woods near the house, Witold’s reality mutates into a whirlwind of tension, histrionics, foreboding omens, and surrealistic logic as he becomes obsessed with Madame Woytis’s daughter Lena. Best Director, Locarno Film Festival 2015