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Matteo Garrone

(Il Racconto dei racconti)
Duration: 134 mins
Country of Origin: GB,Italy,France, 2015
Vancity Theatre Screening
Director: Matteo Garrone


Jun 03 06:00 pm
Jun 04 03:40 pm
Jun 04 08:40 pm
Jun 06 06:00 pm
Jun 07 08:25 pm
Jun 08 06:30 pm
Jun 09 02:00 pm

Once upon a time Italian director Matteo Garrone (Gomorrah) decided to film a trio of medieval fairytales with the gusto and lustre of a modern day Fellini, and an international cast including Salma Hayek, John C Reilly, Vincent Cassel and Toby Jones. The results were ravishing, gleefully mischevious, and definitely not for kids…

Cesc Gay

Duration: 108 mins
Country of Origin: Spain, 2015
Vancity Theatre Screening
Director: Cesc Gay


May 27 05:50 pm
May 28 08:25 pm
May 29 07:50 pm
May 30 06:30 pm
May 31 03:00 pm
Jun 01 09:00 pm
Jun 02 06:30 pm
Jun 09 12:00 pm

Two of the Spanish-speaking world’s finest actors, Ricardo Darin and Javier Camara, team up for this moving, wry film about friendship, family, and last wishes. Julian (Darin) is dying, but doing his best not to make a big deal of it. Unexpectedly, his old friend Tomas (Camara) shows up on his doorstep (all the way from Canada). He can only stay for a few days, but Tomas means to make them count, whether Julian likes it or not. All the latter seems to care about is what to do about Truman, his beloved dog…

Jason R Goode

Duration: 88 mins
Country of Origin: Canada, 2016
Vancity Theatre Screening
Director: Jason R Goode


May 16 08:30 pm

This BC-made survival thriller follows two couples who come across coordinates to what promises to be a fortune in stolen gold. The only catch? It’s buried deep in the winter wilderness, a tricky terrain that will test not only their resourcefulness, but also their loyalty…

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Patricio Guzman

Duration: 82 mins
Country of Origin: Chile, 2015
Vancity Theatre Screening
Director: Patricio Guzman


May 03 06:30 pm
May 05 06:30 pm

This entrancing, poetic, political documentary from the director of Nostalgia for the Light is a potent reminder of the abuses committed by the Pinochet regime, and a vivid essay on the stunning Patagonian Archipelago. "By turns lyrical, impressionistic and profound." Gary Goldstein, LA Times