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Drew Taylor, Larry Weinstein

Vancity Theatre Screening
Director: Drew Taylor, Larry Weinstein

Presenting the true "behind the scenes" story of the rescue mission mythologized in last year’s Oscar-winner Argo - this time with due recognition of the pivotal role played by Canadian ambassador to Iran, Ken Taylor.

"An intelligent, complex and tension-filled story that breathes life into historical events that are fast fading from our collective memory.

In doing so, the co-directors give Taylor (the diplomat) and many others their due and give Canadians at large a reason to feel rightly proud." Bruce DeMara, Toronto Star


Vancity Theatre Screening
Director: Teller

Delving deeper into the art and mastery of Johannes Vermeer, this entertaining doc by the magician Teller casts a light on the researches of Tim Jenison, a video engineer obsessed with the idea that the painter used optical devices to craft his infinitely detailed canvases.

"Just about the most fun you can have while learning."Variety

"Thrilling."Wall Street Journal

Renato Terra

The Beautiful Game
Director: Renato Terra

Our celebration of the Brazilian World Cup Finals kicks off with this Gala Canadian premiere of the new documentary by Renato Terra (A Night in 67), a rousing chronicle of the passion and fanaticism driving Brazil’s national sport, soccer. Featuring interviews with legends like Zico and Romário, rabid fans and archival footage, the film focuses on the rivalry between two of the largest football clubs in Brazil: Flamengo (’Fla’) and Fluminense (’Flu’). The evening includes live music performance by the Celia Enestrom band and caipirinhas.

"Transports us into the football stadium and the emotions that come with it, causing goose bumps to any supporter’ Paulo Vinicius Coelho, Folha de São Paulo

Johnnie To

(Du zhen)
Hong Kong Spirit Films
Director: Johnnie To

The French Connection meets The Wire in this exhilarating mainland China cop thriller from Hong Kong auteur Johnnie To. Faced with the death penalty, drug trafficker Timmy Choi reluctantly enters into a partnership with narcotics cop Zhang to break a rich and powerful crime syndicate.

Francois Truffaut

Cinema Salon
Director: Francois Truffaut

Truffaut’s best known film is a love letter to the cinema. Two young men, Jules and Jim, meet in Paris in 1912 and become the best of friends. They share everything from books to women until they meet Catherine, played by Jeanne Moreau in the role which launched her into international fame. Introduced by Alan Twigg, author and publisher.