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Isao Takahata

Duration: 137 mins
Country of Origin: Japan, 2014
Best of 2014
Director: Isao Takahata


Dec 31 03:20 pm

A gem of a film for all ages from Studio Ghibli’s other master, Isao Takahata (Grave of the Fireflies). In this captivating 10,000 year fable, a woodcutter discovers a magical child in a bamboo stalk. The girl grows quickly, transforming into a young woman of such grace and beauty it seems her life is charmed…

Princess Kaguya has the feel of a true Takahata film, from its unshrinking emotional fidelity to its sudden, exhilarating leaps into fantasy […] There is a deep wisdom in this film, but a deep sadness too. If it is Takahata’s farewell, it’s one that will have a long echo, just like his 1,000-year-old source.” Mark Schilling, Japan Times

"A visionary tour de force." Maggie Lee, Variety

A pinnacle of animation in the new millennium." Matt Patches, IGN Movies

Quentin Tarantino

Duration: 154 mins
Country of Origin: USA, 1997
Crime Fest
Director: Quentin Tarantino

The continuing misadventures of Ordell (now played by Samuel L Jackson), Louis (Robert De Niro), and Melanie (Bridget Fonda) - the characters from Life of Crime. This time they’re fixing to get hold of a half million dollars by way of air stewardess Jackie Brown (the incomparable Pam Grier). It’s Tarantino’s most mature and soulful movie.

"The movie that proves Tarantino is the real thing." Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

Maria Sole Tognazzi

(Viaggio sola)
Duration: 85 mins
Country of Origin: Italy, 2013
Italian Film Festival
Director: Maria Sole Tognazzi


Jan 09 09:30 pm
Jan 11 06:30 pm
Jan 14 01:00 pm
Jan 15 06:30 pm

Margherita Buy is compelling as a solitary single woman in her 40s whose job consists of evaluating — and roundly criticizing — European five-star hotels and resorts. A sleeper hit in Italy, the film has been compared to both "Up in the Air" and "Eat Pray Love"


Duration: 95 mins
Country of Origin: Canada,
Vancity Theatre Screening
Director: Various

A belated return after its sell-out show two years ago, another chance to enjoy this compilation of archival footage. Using 50 years of material, local historian Michael Kluckner guides us on a moving image journey into Vancouver’s past. With musical accompaniment by jazz pianist Wayne Stewart, highlights include home movies, park board films, experimental films, and on-the-fly documentaries.

Duration: 80 mins
Country of Origin: Canada, 2014
Vancity Theatre Screening
Director: Various


Nov 30 02:30 pm

"The films this year are the closest I could ever get to experiencing Vancouver in the 1930s to the 1960s without using a time machine," says historian Michael Kluckner, who has curated and will narrate an afternoon of vintage movies from the City of Vancouver Archives.

Pianist Wayne Stewart will provide accompaniment for the movies that were originally produced without sound

Duration: n/a
Country of Origin: 2014
Special Presentation
Director: Various

Render’s focus is on innovative and cutting-edge music videos that push the creative boundaries of the art form. The music video is often seen as a supplement to the music in the video: Render turns this understanding upside-down, championing the videos, the work that goes into them and the people who make them. There are videos from bands including The Knife (director Bitte Andersson), They Might be Giants (director Alex Italics), Asbjorn (director Powerclap), Marcel Dettmann & Emika (director Parker Ellerman), and The Ramona Flowers (director Bouha Kazmi). We also have a few Vancouver favourites: Wintermitts (director Artino Ahmadi) and PrOphesy Sun (director Eliot Zee).

Duration: 140 mins
Country of Origin:
Vancity Theatre Screening
Director: Various


Jan 17 02:00 pm

A repeat performance of Michael van den Bos’s legendary movie medley featuring the greatest dance numbers ever committed to celluloid. Michael will present an exhilarating waltz through the history of movie musicals, featuring 101 toe-tapping clips (roughly) and such showbiz legends as Busby Berkeley, Fred Astaire, Shirley Temple, Bob Fosse, Eleanor Powell, Gene Kelly, Cyd Charisee and Baz Luhrmann. All ages welcome!

Vicki Vasilopoulos

Duration: 90 mins
Country of Origin: USA,Italy, 2014
Italian Film Festival
Director: Vicki Vasilopoulos


Jan 14 06:30 pm

A portrait of Nino Corvato, Checchino Fonticoli and Joe Centofanti, three Italian master tailors who confront the decline of the apprentice system as they navigate their challenging roles in the twilight of their career. The film unravels the mystery of their artistry and reveals how their passionate devotion to their Old World craft is akin to a religion.

“A captivating tale of an art in both remission and resurgence, Men of the Cloth is a journey across the globe unifying craftsmanship and style….Dynamic, emotional, and inspiring, it was truly an experience.” A & H Magazine

“We get to feel the love of the men for their job and we understand just how special handmade suits are…. You will feel a loss at the notion that their way of life is fading from existence. I love films that make you feel and this one does in spades.” Unseen Films blog

Giovanni Veronesi

(L’ultima ruota del carro)
Duration: 113 mins
Country of Origin: Italy, 2013
Italian Film Festival
Director: Giovanni Veronesi


Jan 13 06:30 pm

Giovanni Veronesi’s irresistible romantic comedy journeys through four decades of recent Italian history on the back of a good-hearted, honest middle-class guy who always finds himself one step behind.

Rodrigo H. Vila

Duration: 93 mins
Country of Origin: Argentina, 2013
Music Mondays
Director: Rodrigo H. Vila


Dec 08 08:45 pm

Argentina’s Mercedes Sosa (1935-2009) was one of the most talented and politically engaged singers of the 20th century. Known as "the voice of the voiceless ones," she was a mainstay of the nueva canción folk movement, dazzled audiences worldwide, won numerous Grammy awards and suffered exile from her native land at the hands of the dictatorship. Rodgrigo H. Vila’s affecting portrait melds glorious archival concert footage and contemporary interviews to breathtaking effect.

Orson Welles

Duration: 112 mins
Country of Origin: USA, 1958
Cinema Salon
Director: Orson Welles


Dec 02 07:30 pm

Just in time for Christmas … the noirest of the noir and the last extravaganza that Orson Welles directed for a Hollywood studio, Touch of Evil is considered to be one his greatest movies achievements. There is a lot of plot, but it’s more of a character story about the grunting, wheezing detective Hank Quinlan (Orson Welles), a man who is truly in hell. The concept of borders and "crossing the line" is essential to Touch of Evil as many taboo topics are addressed in this baroque nightmare of a south-of-the-border mystery.

Frederick Wiseman

Duration: 181 mins
Country of Origin: USA,France, 2014
Art on Film
Director: Frederick Wiseman


Dec 26 02:00 pm
Dec 27 04:10 pm
Dec 28 06:20 pm
Dec 31 12:00 pm
Jan 03 12:00 pm

Welcome to London’s famous National Gallery, as seen by America’s foremost observational filmmaker, Fred Wiseman (La Danse; At Berkeley). Wiseman gives us a guided tour of masterpieces by Turner, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Caravaggio and Da Vinci, but also shows what’s going on behind the scenes at one of the world’s premier art institutions.

"A great, great film. Wiseman’s technique is simple, refined, and blissfully pure. The real joy of his film is that it never needs to strain for effect; it sits back. It’s like being lulled with intelligence." Tim Robey, The Telegraph (UK)

"One of the greatest [films] I have seen all year… Magnificent… Wiseman’s touch is deft but light here, and the experience of watching National Gallery is pleasurable and immersive because he’s a wonderful storyteller. It is also unexpectedly moving." Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

"One of Wiseman’s richest and most thought-provoking films." Budd Wilkins, Slant

Edgar Wright

Duration: 113 mins
Country of Origin: USA,Canada, 2010
Vancity Theatre Screening
Director: Edgar Wright


Dec 31 07:00 pm

Chosen by VIFF Vancity Theatre members, this year’s free New Year’s Eve event movie is Edgar Wright’s anti-blockbuster, a hipster’s comic book adaptation chock full of great gags and inventive fun. When under-employed underground hero Scott Pilgrim (the cutely anxious Michael Cera) takes up with a cool American girl, Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), he must fight it out with her seven exes in videogame-style battles.

It’s the perfect appetizer for a memorable New Year’s Eve. Pre-order your free tickets at Doors at 5.45, Film at 7.00

"Full of fresh, sharp touches and nonchalantly brash performances, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World consistently hits the sweet spot." Tom Charity,

"Its speedy, funny, happy-sad spirit is so infectious that the movie makes you feel at home in its world." AO Scott, New York Times

"Like an animatronic kitten that won’t leave you alone, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World wins its audience over on adorable persistence." Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times

Rezan Yesilbas

Duration: 60 mins
Country of Origin: Turkey, 2012
Turkish Film Festival
Director: Rezan Yesilbas


Jan 24 12:45 pm

Three award-winning short films from Turkey: Silent (12 min) Dir Rezan Yesilbas; Country (22 min) Dir Onur Yağız; Uncle Seref and His Shadow (15 min) Dir Buğra Dedeoğlu

Cem Yilmaz

(Pek Yakinda)
Duration: 139 mins
Country of Origin: Turkey, 2014
Turkish Film Festival
Director: Cem Yilmaz


Jan 23 08:45 pm

A huge hit in Turkey this year, Coming Soon is a love letter to the golden days of Turkish Cinema and an homage to all those earning their livelihoods in the film industry. Ex-film extra Zafer (Cem Yılmaz) decides to alter his ways when his wife Arzu (Tülin Özen) suddenly walks out on their marriage. Promising to abandon his world of petty crime primarily revolving around DVD piracy, Zafer, with the help of some eccentric film industry pals, sets out to realize an age-old film project collecting dust since the 70s…