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Duration: 190 mins
Country of Origin: GB, 2014
The Royal Opera House presents...

Kasper Holten, ROH Director of Opera, presents a mesmerizing new production of Mozart’s sublime tragicomedy. The impulsive and charismatic Don Giovanni travels through Europe seducing women, accompanied by his long-suffering servant Leporello. When he commits murder, he unleashes vengeance from beyond the grave.

Duration: 101 mins
Country of Origin: GB, 2014
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Feb 13 05:40 pm
Feb 14 10:00 pm
Feb 15 07:00 pm
Feb 17 08:15 pm
Feb 18 06:30 pm
Feb 19 08:50 pm

The thinking pervert’s 50 Shades of Grey, this ritualized SM lesbian love story is at once tongue-in-cheek erotica, a high art porno pastiche, and, most perversely of all, a sincerely unsettling but genuinely moving love story worthy of Luis Bunuel himself.

"Visually ravishing, emotionally wise, and kinky as a coiled rope, writer-director Peter Strickland’s third feature The Duke of Burgundy is a delight." — Leslie Felperin, Hollywood Reporter

"Strickland’s sapphic giallo dream is a tied up and twisted masterpiece." — David Ehrlich, Little White Lies

"So teasing and elusive that after one viewing, you just want to watch the thing again, and feel your way again around its contours." — Robbie Colin, Daily Telegraph