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(L’ultima ruota del carro)
Duration: 113 mins
Country of Origin: Italy, 2013
Italian Film Festival


Jan 13 06:30 pm

Giovanni Veronesi’s irresistible romantic comedy journeys through four decades of recent Italian history on the back of a good-hearted, honest middle-class guy who always finds himself one step behind.

Duration: 119 mins
Country of Origin: UK,USA, 2014
Music Mondays

Legendary Nigerian Afrobeat pioneer and political dissident Fela Kuti is brought to life in Oscar-winner Alex Gibney’s (Taxi to the Dark Side) stirring evocation of the man and his music. Kuti’s raw charisma, many wives, mesmerizing musical performances and political aspirations and persecution have been covered before, but Gibney’s decision to fold in behind-the-scenes documentation of the 2009 Broadway musical Fela! makes this kaleidoscopic film as protean and rousing as Kuti himself was.

"There’s nothing like seeing Fela himself - blowing his sax, expressing his unbridled sexuality and living a life like no other." New York Daily News

(Viaggio sola)
Duration: 85 mins
Country of Origin: Italy, 2013
Italian Film Festival


Jan 09 09:30 pm
Jan 11 06:30 pm
Jan 14 01:00 pm
Jan 15 06:30 pm

Margherita Buy is compelling as a solitary single woman in her 40s whose job consists of evaluating — and roundly criticizing — European five-star hotels and resorts. A sleeper hit in Italy, the film has been compared to both "Up in the Air" and "Eat Pray Love"

Duration: 120 mins
Country of Origin: Sweden, 2014
Vancity Theatre Screening


Nov 28 06:30 pm
Nov 29 06:30 pm
Nov 29 08:45 pm
Nov 30 06:30 pm
Nov 30 08:45 pm
Dec 01 06:30 pm
Dec 02 04:45 pm
Dec 03 06:30 pm
Dec 03 08:45 pm
Dec 04 06:30 pm
Dec 05 08:20 pm
Dec 06 04:45 pm
Dec 08 06:30 pm
Dec 11 08:20 pm

One of the most popular movies at this year’s VIFF, this is both an acute psychological study and a deadpan comedy of manners, a portrait of a family riven by the father’s instinctive act of cowardice in the face of an avalanche during a skiing holiday. For all his attempts to pretend that nothing has happened, everything has changed. But what to do about it?

"An ice cold knockout. Brilliantly perceptive and frostily funny." Aaron Hills, Village Voice

"Damning, frequently hilarious study of imploding male ego." AV Club

"Visually stunning. Emotionally perceptive." Variety

Duration: 113 mins
Country of Origin: USA,Canada, 2010
Vancity Theatre Screening


Dec 31 07:00 pm

Chosen by VIFF Vancity Theatre members, this year’s free New Year’s Eve event movie is Edgar Wright’s anti-blockbuster, a hipster’s comic book adaptation chock full of great gags and inventive fun. When under-employed underground hero Scott Pilgrim (the cutely anxious Michael Cera) takes up with a cool American girl, Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), he must fight it out with her seven exes in videogame-style battles.

It’s the perfect appetizer for a memorable New Year’s Eve. Pre-order your free tickets at Doors at 5.45, Film at 7.00

"Full of fresh, sharp touches and nonchalantly brash performances, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World consistently hits the sweet spot." Tom Charity,

"Its speedy, funny, happy-sad spirit is so infectious that the movie makes you feel at home in its world." AO Scott, New York Times

"Like an animatronic kitten that won’t leave you alone, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World wins its audience over on adorable persistence." Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times

Duration: 80 mins
Country of Origin: USA, 2013
Crime Fest

"The biggest crime story of the century!" That’s how Sam Fuller described WWII, a typically punchy declaration from a guy who knew what he was talking about: Fuller was a tabloid reporter and crime novelist before joining the infantry in time for D-Day. He returned to Hollywood and made noir thrillers (Pickup on South Street; Underworld USA), war pictures (Verboten!; Steel Helmet) and B westerns (40 Guns) with singular conviction. This is his story - as told by his daughter Samantha. Samantha Fuller will join us for a Q&A after this screening.

"If you don’t like Sam Fuller, you just don’t like cinema.” - Martin Scorsese

"Those intrigued by an indelibly influential persona that combined showman-like flamboyance, old-school masculinity and die-hard personal integrity to disarming and intoxicating degrees, will find much to chew on here." Neil Young, The Hollywood Reporter