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Duration: 116 mins
Country of Origin: Norway, 2014
Vancity Theatre Screening


Aug 26 08:30 pm
Aug 27 06:20 pm
Aug 28 03:30 pm
Aug 29 02:20 pm
Aug 30 04:00 pm
Aug 31 08:20 pm
Sep 01 03:45 pm

This Fargo-esque Scandinavian black comic thriller pits mild-mannered snowplough operator Nils (the great Stellen Skarsgaard) in the midst of a bloody revenge saga between warring drug gangs. Before you can say "the man with no name", Nils is pitting one against the other and burying the bodies in the snow drifts…

(En la ciudad de Sylvia)
Duration: 84 mins
Country of Origin: Spain,France, 2006
Vancity Theatre Screening


Sep 10 06:45 pm
Sep 12 08:20 pm

Among the few truly great films of the 21st Century, this is a spellbinding contemplation of contemplation, the act – and the art – of seeing. Guerin’s masterpiece follows a young man as he haunts a café in Strasberg, in search of… Sylvia, we guess. He gazes avidly at women. And we gaze too, watching him watching, seeing what he sees. Reminiscent of a Chekhovian short story, of Vertigo, of silents and musicals and experimental art film, In the City of Sylvia is very simple and utterly transfixing, and it cuts to the heart of what the cinema is about.