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Duration: 98 mins
Country of Origin: USA, 2016
Bell Media Best of Hot Docs 2016


Aug 05 08:30 pm
Aug 06 06:00 pm

Society depends on the Internet for nearly everything but rarely do we step back and recognize its endless intricacies and unsettling omnipotence. From the brilliant mind of Werner Herzog comes a playful yet chilling examination of our rapidly interconnecting lives.

Duration: 83 mins
Country of Origin: Canada,South Africa, 2016
Community Events


Jul 21 06:30 pm
Duration: 94 mins
Country of Origin: Palestine, 2015
B&W By Design: Monochrome Movies in the Colour Era


Jul 11 06:30 pm

In this Palestinian comedy-thriller, Sami Metwasi plays Mousa, a petty thief looking to leave his home behind. There’s a chance to sneak out through Israel to Italy, but our hero will need $5,000 cash. He steals a Volkswagen, expecting a big payoff, but there’s an awful surprise in the trunk, and poor Mousa winds up caught between Palestinian militants and Israeli intelligence in a deadly dilemma.

Duration: 160 mins
Country of Origin: Cuba, 1968
Cuba Now & Then


Jul 23 04:00 pm

Three tales about three women called Lucía. One takes place during the

independence war against Spain, the second during the Machado dictatorship, and the third one is after Castro’s revolution. Considered among Cuban critics as one of the great achievements of Cuban cinema.

These three tales about three Lucías set in three separate periods that were essential to the formation, consolidation and splendour of Cuban national conscience—1895, 1932 and the early years of the Revolution reflect the parallel maturing process of Cuban women.