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Duration: 83 mins
Country of Origin: Canada,South Africa, 2016
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Duration: 98 mins
Country of Origin: GB, 2016
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Oct 24 06:30 pm
Oct 25 05:15 pm
Oct 26 06:30 pm
Oct 27 01:00 pm

As close to omniscient as a film buff is ever likely to get, the late North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il was so enamoured by South Korean moviemakers Shin Sang-ok and his actress (and ex-wife) Choi Eun-hee that he had them kidnapped, whisked over the border, and put to work reviving local film production. They had little choice but to comply, and in the process, they fell back in love… "Perhaps the all-time strangest, most outlandish true-life story connected to the cinema and its practitioners…Fascinating on personal, political and cinematic levels." Todd McCarthy, Hollywood Reporter