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Duration: 95 mins
Country of Origin:
Special Presentation


Jun 17 06:30 pm

Hot off the heels of his popular Dancing in the Dark musical clip shows at the Vancity Theatre, Vancouver film scholar Michael van den Bos curates a syncopated selection of jazz performances featured in live-action movies and animated cartoons, from the beginning of the sound era through the 20th century, covering New Orleans jazz, swing, jump blues, bebop and the West Coast cool style. Most importantly you’ll see and hear and groove to the musical masters who jazzed up the movies, with clips from Hallelujah (1929), The Old Man of the Mountain (1932), Hollywood Hotel (1937), Stage Door Canteen (1943), New Orleans (1947), The Glenn Miller Story (1953), Pete Kelly’s Blues (1955) and more recent examples.

Duration: 79 mins
Country of Origin: USA, 2015
Best of Hot Docs 2015


Jun 12 08:30 pm

When Colorado legalized marijuana, the Denver Post hired the world’s first marijuana editor. Sit back as he and his pot reviewers, "high" mommy bloggers and grass-preneurs roll establishment and counter-culture into a strange new canni-business.

"Thorougly engaging." Consequences of Sound