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Duration: 76 mins
Country of Origin: USA, 2015
Vancity Theatre Screening


Aug 21 06:20 pm

Two men struggle to define who they are and what path they will take in this artful, gritty and unforgettable portrait of life on the White Earth Indian Reservation in northwestern Minnesota. Terrence Malick, Chris Eyre and Natalie Portman present this sometimes troubling, sometimes transcendent vision of life on the edge.

Duration: 93 mins
Country of Origin: USA, 1973
De Palma

A young reporter (Jennifer Salt) witnesses a murder from afar, but cannot prove it. The truth is more grim than she imagines… Sisters has a grand guignol conceit but it’s not really a horror movie - rather it’s a witty mystery suspense thriller drawing from Rear Window and Psycho. Ironically through Hitchcockian pastiche De Palma found his own voice as a filmmaker. Even at this early stage includes extraordinarily adept use of split screen, lengthy travelling shots, and an operatic "Eye of God" storytelling sense - or if you prefer, a deeply twisted sense of humour.

Duration: 86 mins
Country of Origin: GB,USA,France, 2016
Vancity Theatre Screening


Aug 12 08:30 pm
Aug 13 06:30 pm
Aug 14 06:30 pm
Aug 15 01:15 pm
Aug 20 02:30 pm
Aug 23 04:30 pm

Presenting the cream of the crop from this year’s HotDocs Film Festival, VIFF Vancity Theatre is pleased to showcase five of the outstanding documentaries of 2016. Sour Grapes (from Jerry Rothwell, the director of How to Change the World) is one for the connoisseurs, the eye-opening, mouth-watering true crime tale of what happened when oenophilia met high finance in the heady years leading up to the crash of 2008.

3-ticket pack available for Best of Hot Docs