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(Unutursam Fısılda)
Duration: 123 mins
Country of Origin: Turkey, 2014
Turkish Film Festival


Jan 24 02:00 pm

Set in a conservative 1970s Turkish town, Whisper If I Forget tells the captivating story of Hanife (Işıl Yücesoy), a young taciturn nurse with a penchant for poetry, and her unruly, polar opposite sister Hatice (Farah Zeynep Abdullah), an aspiring chanteuse. Their lives are changed forever with the arrival of Tarık (Mehmet Günsür), the easy-on-the-eyes son of the newly appointed district governor.

Duration: 87 mins
Country of Origin: Canada, 2010
Art on Film


Dec 27 12:00 pm

Time to revisit Emily Carr with fresh eyes and renewed enthusiasm in the wake of (amazingly!) the first UK exhibition of her work, currently showing in London. The British critics have compared the work to Van Gogh. "Carr’s landscapes are as exhilarating as the places they represent," wrote The Guardian. This insightful, impressionistic documentary catches her irrepressible spirit. "The definitive critical film portrait of Emily Carr." (Georgia Straight).

"Ambitious, impressionistic, and endowed with a stunning wealth of archival imagery, Winds of Heaven stands as the definitive, critical film portrait of Emily Carr." Janet Smith, Georgia Straight

Duration: 196 mins
Country of Origin: 2014
Vancity Theatre Screening


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A masterpiece from Turkish auteur Nuri Bilge Ceylan, the Palme d’Or winner at Cannes last year is a dense, Chekhovian drama about Aydin, a middle-aged hotel owner (a retired actor who fancies himself a man of learning and enlightenment), his considerably younger wife, his divorced sister, and several of his tenants - all of whom harbour resentments Aydin simply cannot comprehend. ’A richly engrossing and ravishingly beautiful magnum opus." Justin Chang, Variety

’A richly engrossing and ravishingly beautiful magnum opus." Justin Chang, Variety

“Intricate, monumental and mysterious. This is masterfully staged and performed.” Ben Sachs, Chicago Reader