Program Running Time 87 min.

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Directed By: Godfrey Reggio
(USA, 2013, 87 mins, DCP)

Thirty years after Koyaanisqatsi, Godfrey Reggio creates another stunning, wordless portrait of modern life. Presented by Steven Soderbergh, Visitors reveals humanity’s trancelike relationship with technology, which, when commandeered by extreme emotional states, produces massive effects far beyond the human species. The film is visceral, offering the audience an experience beyond information about the moment in which we live.

"Reggio’s film is an artistic and aesthetic achievement unlikely to be equaled in 2013, and perhaps the only film in recent memory which can proudly claim to be unlike anything else we have ever seen." Christopher Schobert, The Playlist

"Incredibly profound, unexpected and brave." Alison Murray, Filmmaker