Program Running Time 93 min.

Aug 22 06:45 pm
Aug 23 06:45 pm
Aug 24 05:45 pm
Aug 25 06:45 pm
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Aug 28 06:45 pm
Sep 06 04:45 pm
Sep 08 06:30 pm

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Directed By: Richard Aoyade
(GB, 2013, 93 mins, DCP)

Jesse Eisenberg take 2: here he’s timid office worker Simon James, a non-person to most, including the lovely Hannah (Mia Wasikowska), a co-worker who is also the apple of his eye. Enter charismatic young hotshot James Simon (Eisenberg again). No one seems to notice he’s the spitting image of Simon, and though at first he feigns a certain friendliness to his near-namesake, it’s not long before the new man has begun to take over his job, his apartment, his girl, his entire life... Richard Aoyade’s Dostoevsky adaptation riffs on Kafka, Welles and Gilliam to chillingly hilarious effect.

"As a pure head-trip visual and auditory experience it feels like one of the biggest discoveries, and biggest surprises, of 2014."—Andrew O’Hehir,

"Daring, hilarious and wickedly clever."—The Playist (Indiewire)