Subjected to his dad’s (Adrian Holmes) domineering parenting and convinced that the world doesn’t care about him, 13-year-old Taylor (Marlon Kazadi) fantasizes about becoming an organic farmer. When he stumbles across Jim (Aleks Paunovic), a hardened criminal who’s been left chained inside an abandoned warehouse, the pair slowly establish a twisted bond. But when his trust is violated, Taylor comes to appreciate the virtues of cruelty. It seems torture could hold the key to Taylor securing Jim’s hidden fortune and escaping this life he feels trapped in.

Titus Heckel uses Chained’s high-concept setup as a springboard for an enthralling dive into an impressionable psyche shaped by cycles of abuse. Kazadi is phenomenal in every scene, whether he’s devising ways to dominate the hulking Jim or working up the nerve to open his heart to his classmate (Leia Madu). Equal parts crime thriller and coming of age story, Heckel’s film derives considerable tension from inviting us to speculate at to what manner of man will be forged by this crucible.


Includes an interview with Director: Titus Heckel

World premiere
Director Icon Director
Titus Heckel

Marlon Kazadi, Adrian Holmes, Aleks Paunovic, Leia Madu, Roark Critchlow, Andrea Agur
Executive Producer Don Thompson, Vince Arvidson, Aleks Paunovic, Marlon Kazadi, Adrian Holmes, Michael Olsen, Kasha Krisa, Jamie Cottington, Michael Johannson, Richard Arcand, Sharon Toews, Titus Heckel
Producer Rachelle Chartrand, Chester Sit
Screenwriter Titus Heckel
Cinematographer Vince Arvidson
Editor Jackie Dzuba
Production Design Jim Cliffe
Music Alfredo Santa Ana
Production Company Chained Films Inc.
Source My Precious Pictures
Canada 2020 104 min. English Trailer
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Vancouver-based Titus Heckel is an established writer/director whose first feature, With Child (2014), was nominated for the Flash Forward Award at the Busan International Film Festival. Titus’ screenplays have placed in the most prestigious competitions in the world, including the Austin Film Festival as well as being a semi-finalist and two-time quarterfinalist in the Academy Nicholl Fellowship.

With Child (2014)