The Last Tourist

True North

As the world is poised to re-open for international travel and we consider how to move forward in the face of mounting global challenges, could tourism be a part of the solution? Traversing some of the most remote, ancient, and stunning locales on the planet, The Last Tourist addresses the myriad moral and ethical dilemmas at play when sojourning to different cultures, and encourages us to do better.

For many, the pandemic has been a necessary pause to reflect on what really matters. Similarly, this doc presents a necessary opportunity for recalibration and embraces our abundant capacity to care. Travelling our vast world will soon have its revival—tourism is dead, long live tourism!

World premiere
Director Icon Director
Tyson Sadler

Dr. Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Becker, Judy Kepher-Gona, Bruce Poon Tip, Costas Christ
Executive Producer Bruce Poon Tip, Liane Thomas
Producer Marc Swenker
Screenwriter Tyson Sadler, Jesse Mann
Cinematographer Stephen Chandler Whitehead
Editor Jesse Mann
Music Anthony Fung, Anton Peterson
Production Company Born Explorer Films
Contact Elevation Pictures
Canada 2021 99 min. In English, Hindi, Quechua and Spanish Official Website
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