MENA 2021: Roads of Ithriyah

Middle East and North Africa Film Festival

Ahmad (Shayan Bayat), a young militant in war-torn Syria, regains consciousness in the desert battlefield after being shell-shocked, only to find that he has no recollection of what side he was fighting for. Injured and out of supplies, Ahmad begins to walk toward Ithriyah, a crossroads outpost known to lead to any faction in the war. Exhausted and dehydrated, Ahmad is near collapse when he is rescued by Khalid (Bahram Heidari, voiced by Garry Chalk) a mysterious soldier who is eager to bring him back to the battle. However, as partial memories of his mother Atifah (Mitra Lohrasb) and younger sister Saffiyah (Priya Kooner) slowly resurface, Ahmad begins to doubt his reasons to rejoin the fight.

The film can also be watched online.


Director Icon Director
Javier Badillo

Shayan Bayat, Lochlyn Munro, Juan Riedinger, Mitra Lohrasb, Priya Kooner, Sarah Kelley, Bahram Heidari, Garry Chalk
Executive Producer Kelly White, Jaz Gill
Producer Javier Badillo, Shayan Bayat, Jay Kamal
Screenwriter Javier Badillo, Shayan Bayat
Cinematographer Jay Kamal
Editor Javier Badillo
Music Nascuy Linares
Canada 2021 75 min. In Arabic and English with English subtitles 19+ Violence, Potentially traumatic Trailer | Official Website


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