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The 3rd Annual Kooks and Legends: Animated Motion Pictures Curated by Marv Newland

True North | True North

Atomic Cartoons presents another edition of eclectic and electric ‘toon classics curated by Vancouver’s own resident animation legend, Marv Newland. Once again, the collection encompasses as many mood swings, stylistic shifts, rare delights and unexpected treats as can be jammed into an hour and a half. This is a rare opportunity to see work by Danny Antonucci, Zlatko Grgić and Don Hertzfeld on the big screen!

Lupo the Butcher

Director: Danny Antonucci / Canada, 1987, 3 min.
An unhappy butcher, kvetching as he swings his cleaver at a side of meat, cuts off several rib steaks and lets them fall to the floor. He kicks them around and continues his butchering. Then, by accident, he hacks off a thumb and that’s only the beginning of the wounds of outrageous fortune. He keeps up his complaining to the bitter end.

Sing Beast Sing

Director: Marv Newland / Canada, 1980, 9 min.
Glamour and misfortune in the world of show business. Or, the beast that grows beautiful by singing Willie Mabon’s "I’m Mad".

Hot Stuff

Director: Zlatko Grigic / Canada, 1971, 9 min.
This tongue-in-cheek animated short serves as a cautionary tale against the hazards of fire. Early humans were given the gift of fire, but warned against the dangers, warnings that eventually fell by the wayside. In modern society, overloaded electrical sockets, smouldering cigarettes and other dangers lay around every corner, posing possible threats to life and property.

The Owl Who Married a Goose: An Eskimo Legend

Director: Caroline Leaf / Canada, 1974, 8 min.
In this short animation based on an Inuit legend, a goose captures the fancy of an owl, a weakness for which he will pay dearly. The sound effects and voices are Inuktitut, but the animation leaves no doubt as to the unfolding action. A story with the wry humor characteristic of many Inuit tales.

The Hat

Director: Michèle Cournoyer / Canada, 1999, 6 min.
A young woman works as an exotic dancer in a bar. She recalls an incident from her childhood in which she was physically abused by a male visitor. This inner journey brings back painful memories, including the obsessive image of a hat. Black-ink drawings, spare and rapidly executed, flow together in a succession of troubling and striking metamorphoses. The Hat is a tough, visceral experience. With naked honesty, animator Michèle Cournoyer invites the audience to share in the pain of a woman whose body is on display and whose soul is forever soiled. A film without words.

World of Tomorrow

Director: Don Hertzfeld / USA, 2015, 17 min.
A little girl is taken on a mind-bending tour of her distant future.

Bee Man

Director: Lingqiang (Beebee) Ye / Canada, 2017, 4 min.
The story of how a loser boy became a super hero.

Maci și Melci

Director: Alex Stanciu / Canada, 2017, 3 min.
A girl falls asleep in a field of poppies and has a lucid dream about a tiny magical world.

and: The Signal

Director: Elisa H. Celis / Canada, 2017, 3 min.
A weird kid discovers a way to receive a signal from another world directly on his device. While searching for the source, he finds someone else who happens to be on the same quest.

Coffee Break

Director: Taku Furukawa / Japan, 1977, 3 min.
An encapsulation of coffee’s ability to inspire a weary mind.

Guard Dog

Director: Bill Plympton / USA, 2004, 7 min.
Why do dogs bark at such innocent creatures as pigeons and squirrels… What are they afraid of? This film answers that eternal question.

Flying Nansen

Director: Igor Kovalyov / USA, 1999, 12 min.
An arctic landscape. A man on cross-country skis shoots at some polar bears, but misses. Two men parachute in; they are initially hostile, but they recognize each other and greet warmly too warmly, and the new arrivals get killed. Our skier couples with a woman.
Year: 2017
Running Time: 84 mins


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