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True North | Future//Present

A queer arthouse thriller, M/M explores oppositional notions of identity and sexuality—and the confusion that can emerge between them. Newly relocated from Canada, Matthew (Antoine Lahaie) is an outsider in Berlin, where he encounters the dark and mysterious Matthias (Nicolas Maxim Endlicher). A gorgeous and confident marvel of gay masculinity, Matthias is a living fantasy who acts purely on animal impulse, representing both what Matthew desires to have and what he wishes to be—so when an opportunity to slip into Matthias’ shoes suddenly arises, he simply cannot resist, and the line between the two of them begins to blur. As Matthew’s dangerous obsession grows, his sense of self diminishes with consequences that threaten to consume both men.

With sparse dialogue and shot in a distinctly cool, precise style that emphasizes the lines and edges of the alienating urban environment in which its characters reside, director Drew Lint’s feature debut impressively commands its icy-hot mood. Tense, expressive and unpredictable, M/M ingeniously renders physical space into psychosexual geography not easily traversed.
Adam Cook

Preceded By: The Soft Space

Director: Sofia Bohdanowicz, Melanie Scheiner / ON, 2018, 4 min.
The corridors of a subway station are juxtaposed with the human body in a consideration of the transient spaces we unconsciously traverse every day. more...

Director Drew Lint
Country of Origin: Canada/Germany
Year: 2017
Running Time: 82 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In English, German, French with English subtitles
Cast: Antoine Lahaie, Nicolas Maxim Endlicher
Producer: Karen Harnisch, Drew Lint
Cinematographer: Ann Tipper
Editor: Andi Pek, Drew Lint
Production Design: Zazu Myers
Production Company: Film Forge Productions Inc.
Print Source: Film Forge Productions Inc.


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