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Cuban Food Stories

Impact | Documentaries

It is said that Cuba is experiencing something of a food renaissance these days. That’s good news for many locals (too few still, it must be said), foodie tourists and viewers of this delightful movie, in which US-based director Asori Soto revisits his homeland and explores the culinary culture he recalls from his youth. He ventures well off the beaten path and all over the island to take in the various regional cuisines, and he demonstrates how, first due to Communist diktat and then due to shortages caused by the collapse of the USSR, the rich and varied culinary heritage of his nation came under dire threat. Along the way, Soto makes some fascinating—and delicious—discoveries, while also shining a light on his country’s history and cultural traditions.

"Made with an archivist’s heart and a gourmand’s soul, [this] mouth-watering, personal documentary… smartly probes the relationship between culinary traditions and cultural heritage… Eye-opening in every way, especially for those who may think that Cuban food is just rice and beans, the film makes extensive use of Soto’s engaging voiceover narration. He provides fascinating historical and sociological context throughout… Soto, a founder of the Cuban Independent Film Movement, imbues his partially crowd-funded film with a handcrafted charm that perfectly suits the stories and foods he focuses on."—Alissa Simon, Variety

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Canadian premiere
Director Asori Soto
Country of Origin: Cuba/USA
Year: 2018
Running Time: 82 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In Spanish with English subtitles
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Executive Producer: Joey Carey, Malena Svarch, Stefan Nowicki, Luis Lago
Producer: Asori Soto
Editor: Kristan Sprague
Music: Kyle Newmaster
Production Company: Easy Mondays
Distributor: First Run Features


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