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Virus Tropical Image

Virus Tropical


Sharply observed, wryly humorous, and wildly creative, Santiago Caicedo’s animated adaptation of artist Powerpaola’s acclaimed graphic memoir is a true cinematic treat. Brought to life in intricate detail and a gorgeous monochromatic palette, each scene is bursting with the chaos and beauty of the life it holds. Recounting Paola’s formative years growing up between Ecuador and Colombia in an unconventional household run by strong-willed women, Caicedo’s faithful adaptation is a moving portrait of adolescence, family, motherhood and artistic discovery.

We first meet Paola in the womb, as her mother is shuttled between doctors who tell her she cannot possibly be pregnant after having her tubes tied (one assures her she has a "tropical virus"). When Paola eventually joins her two older sisters, Patty and Claudia, on the other side, the previous family of four starts to gradually unravel. Paola’s father, a renounced priest, decides to return to the church, leaving her mother Hilda to care for the girls largely on her own. Full of all the tumult and turmoil of familial dysfunction coupled with the onset of young adulthood, Paola’s life begins to take shape. Through an intimate, diaristic approach to storytelling, we join her on the uncertain and exciting journey to selfhood.

Audience Award, SXSW 18

Country of Origin: Colombia
Year: 2018
Running Time: 96 mins
Format: DCP
Classification: 14A - Sexually suggestive scenes
Language:In Spanish with English / French subtitles
Related Links: Official Website
Cast: María Cecilia Sánchez, Alejandra Borrero, Diego León Hoyos, Martina Toro
Executive Producer: Carolina Barrera Quevedo
Screenwriter: Enrique Lozano
Music: Adriana García Galán
Art Director: Paola Gaviria
Production Company: LABO México
Print Source: Stray Dogs


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