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Nome di donna Image

Nome di donna

Panorama | Focus on Italy

Marco Tullio Giordana (The Best of Youth) returns with another beautifully directed story, this one about sexual harassment and the poisonous atmosphere it creates.

Nina (Cristiana Capotondi, The Mafia Only Kills in Summer) is a single mother who finds a job at a care home for the elderly in Lombardy. She initially settles in well, but one night she is called into her supervisor’s office and the man jumps on her. Nina rebuffs his advances, but when she resolves to report her boss she finds that no one is willing to support her; not her colleagues, not her boyfriend, not certainly not her employers.

The Me Too movement has caused controversy and soul-searching in Italy even more than in some other European countries, not least because Asia Argento remains such a divisive lightning rod there. Tullio Giordana, who began working on this long before the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, has fashioned a very timely drama exploring the courage it takes to stand up for your rights (and especially as a working class woman), the vastly different attitudes towards rampant chauvinism that are to be found among Italian women, and the due process of the law. This is a deliberately un-melodramatic movie, which measures its points carefully and makes them count.

Canadian premiere
Country of Origin: Italy
Year: 2018
Running Time: 92 mins
Format: DCP encrypted
Language:In Italian with English subtitles
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Cast: Cristiana Capotondi, Valerio Binasco, Stefano Scandaletti, Michela Cescon, Bebo Storti
Producer: Lionello Cerri
Screenwriter: Cristiana Mainardi, Marco Tullio Giordana
Cinematographer: Vincenzo Carpineta
Editor: Francesca Calvelli, Claudio Misantoni
Music: Dario Marianelli
Print Source: Pascale Ramonda


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