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Ghost-like figures and trucks, the fragility of existence and the hopes of trapped, desperate refugees caught between worlds and the phantoms of meaning. This experiential documentary about young men living in a refugee camp known as the "Jungle" near the port of Calais trying to gain illegal passage to England was shot almost entirely at night, and the infrared images serve to both mask the identity of the subjects and give the film a haunting quality. The title comes from the invented code that has evolved amongst the Arab and North African residents and the new meanings words have taken on in this multi-lingual environment. In that sense the film takes on a larger, abstracted discussion of meaning and longing for meaning. From an extreme viewpoint it could also be seen as a warning of a movement to subvert western societies already well underway. Fajara is Arabic for an explosion, the kind that destroys or breaks through a limit, the extreme threshold of what is acceptable.

Screens in program Crisis of Our Age

North American premiere
Country of Origin: Spain
Year: 2017
Running Time: 18 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In French, English, Arabic with English, Spanish, French subtitles
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Producer: Patricia Sanchez Mora
Screenwriter: Patricia Sanchez Mora, Séverine Sajous
Cinematographer: Séverine Sajous
Editor: Patricia Sanchez Mora
Music: Chris Blakey
Production Company: laudiovisual prod., Minoria Absoluta Production
Print Source: Patricia Sánchez


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