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Mirai no Mirai

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For Kun (voiced by Kamishiraishi Moka), a carefree four-year-old boy, the birth of his little sister upends his perfectly arranged world. No longer his parents’ centre of attention, Kun refuses to accept his newborn sibling and attempts to chart his own course in the world. So begins Mamoru Hosoda’s (The Wolf Children) ever-adorable anime entry, populated by a whimsically varied cast of characters: a prince (Yoshihara Mitsuo), Mirai’s deceased grandpa (Yakusho Koji) and even a future version of himself (Haru Kuroki).

Suffused equally with the casual wonder of childhood and a distinctly adult melancholy (thus recalling Isao Takahata’s masterful, bittersweet Only Yesterday), Hosoda’s film leaps and bounds through time. Sense memories alternate with whimsical flights of fancy; a garden suspended between a playroom and dining room becomes an arena of magical possibility. The film’s most memorable passage plunges Kun into the cavernous geometry of a bustling train station and observes the improbable butterfly effect of a single existence—just how much a single life contains. Unabashedly goofy, frequently heartwarming and oft-enchanting, this is a child’s adventure of the mind, brought to life with gorgeous animation of the highest order.

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Director Mamoru Hosoda
Country of Origin: Japan
Year: 2018
Running Time: 98 mins
Format: DCP
Classification: PG - Violence
Language:In Japanese with English subtitles
Cast: Kamishiraishi Moka, Kuroki Haru, Hoshino Gen, Yoshihara Mitsuo, Yakusho Koji
Producer: Saito Yuichiro, Ito Takuya, Adachi Yuichi, Kawamura Genki
Editor: Nishiyama Shigeru
Production Design: Jojo Anri, Tanijiri Makoto, tupera tupera, Kamdeda Yoshitaka, Ono Reio
Music: Takagi Masskatsu
Art Director: Omori Takashi, Takamatsu Yohei
Production Company: Studio Chizu
Distributor: MK2 Mile End


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