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Another Day of Life Image

Another Day of Life

Jeszcze dzień życia


Using revered Polish writer Ryszard Kapuściński’s front-line reporting as its basis, Damian Nenow and Raúl De La Fuente’s animated odyssey plunges us into the chaos of the bloody Angolan Civil War in 1975. As we ride shotgun with Kapuściński on a seemingly suicidal three-month road trip into the heart of darkness, we’re immersed in the swirling conflict through the graces of involving animation that recalls the rotoscoping technique of Richard Linklater’s A Scanner Darkly. Seamlessly interweaving documentary sequences, Another Day of Life proves a similarly bad trip. In the face of such mayhem and suffering, we completely understand how Kapuściński might question the role of a journalist. Of course, his only recourse is to enter the fray a journalist and leave it a writer. Nenow and De La Fuente’s film captures that metamorphosis in staggering detail.

"Visually, the film is rarely less than spectacular, using 3D CGI techniques to create multi-layered, persuasively fluid and crisply detailed motion capture-based imagery: Whether it’s taking in sweeping aerial shots or the flies buzzing around a dead body in the road, it’s redolent of Waltz With Bashir in its combination of the comic illustration aesthetic with a heightened attention to realism."—Jonathan Holland, Hollywood Reporter

North American premiere
Country of Origin: Poland/Spain/Belgium/Germany/Hungary
Year: 2018
Running Time: 86 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In Spanish, Polish, English, Portuguese with English subtitles
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Featuring: Luis Alberto Ferreira, Artur Queiroz, Joaquim Antonio Lopes Farrusco, Kerry Shale, Daniel Flynn
Producer: Jarek Sawko, Ole Wendorff-Ostergaard, Amaia Remirez, Raúl de la Fuente
Screenwriter: Raúl de la Fuente, Amaia Remírez
Cinematographer: Raúl de la Fuente, Gorka Gomez Andreu
Editor: Raúl de la Fuente
Music: Mikel Salas
Production Company: Platige Films, Kanaki Films
Print Source: Indie Sales


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