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First Generation Image

First Generation

ALT | Youth | International Shorts

A teen Vietnamese-American girl, confused by mass media about her self-image and pressured by her friends, must decide how she fits into the two worlds she inhabits. My-Linh wants to change her look, but what to do? With image of critical importance to most teens, First Generation examines what white culture in 1990’s America may have looked like from an Asian perspective. The film has an off-the-wall style, with some music video touches thrown in, that help convey the message about learning to be happy in your own skin, regardless of peer pressure, and make the film resonate beyond its target audience.

Screens in program Teen Perspectives

Canadian premiere
Director Jeannie Nguyen
Country of Origin: USA
Year: 2017
Running Time: 9 mins
Format: DCP
Cast: Lyena Kang, Bri Meejoo, Anh Tran, Sammie Mallory, Joey Salehi
Producer: Loan Hoang, MOSSS
Cinematographer: Andrew Yuyi Truong
Editor: MOSSS
Music: Mike Gao, Regina Biondo, Avila Santo
Production Company: MOSSS
Print Source: mosss


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