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ALT | International Shorts

A teen boy working at the local roller rink forms a bond with a girl skater as they try to navigate their way through a dismal New Year’s Eve, 1979. Skates is a nostalgic trip that really nails the period and atmosphere of these bygone places. "This is a delicate story about two identities, who find solace in each other’s shared feelings of loneliness and isolation on the last night of the year. The film is a beautiful, yet brutal, exploration of the banality of growing up in a lower-middle-class suburban town on a night full of discovery and disappointments… Curiosity, loss of innocence and connection are central themes and emotions throughout the film. As we shift from one year to the next the characters experience the same existential and unique shift as they discover their place in the New Year."—Maddelin McKenna

Screens in program Teen Perspectives

Canadian premiere
Country of Origin: Australia
Year: 2018
Running Time: 11 mins
Format: DCP
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Cast: Renee Kypriotis, William Mckenna, Corey Robert Hunt, Georgie Jennings, Millie Lalor
Producer: Melanie Millado, Sabine Battel
Screenwriter: Maddelin Mckenna
Cinematographer: Bonita Carzino
Editor: Amadea Hare
Production Design: Irany Turral, Timonthy Teng
Music: Edward Kiddle
Print Source: Maddelin McKenna


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