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No. 1 Chung Ying Street Image

No. 1 Chung Ying Street

Zhong Ying Jie yihao

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Hong Kong’s troubled history and imagined future have never seemed more contested than they are today. Derek Chiu’s courageous political romance/melodrama confronts this by contrasting two stories set along the China-HK border: one about student activists during the anti-colonial riots of 1967; the other in the tense near-future of post-Umbrella Movement politics.

The same three young actors play the protagonists of both stories. So Chun-man (Yau Hawk Sau) is an activist student in 1967 who joins the Maoist-inspired riots, along with his father and uncle. His girlfriend Li Lai-wah (Fish Liew) is less committed, and starts spending time with bourgeois young Kwok Chi-ho (Lo Chun-yip). As class and political differences inflect a burgeoning romantic triangle, the riots become violent and the stakes increase. In 2019, Li Sze-wai (Liew, again) is released from detention after participating in pro-democratic civil disobedience. She reunites with present-day activists Yat-long (Lo) and old flame Yee Hong (Yau) as they protest against misuse of rural HK land.

Shot in vivid black and white by gifted cinematographer Lai Yat-nam, Chiu’s dual drama suggests Hong Kong’s history needs to be understood as a continuous story of thwarted idealism. Extraordinarily, this film may be too controversial to be released commercially in Hong Kong today.
Shelly Kraicer

Best Film, Osaka 18

North American premiere
Director Derek Chiu
Country of Origin: Hong Kong
Year: 2018
Running Time: 117 mins
Format: DCP encrypted
Language:In Cantonese with English subtitles
Cast: Fish Liew, Yau Hawk Sau, Lo Chun Yip
Producer: Derek Chiu
Screenwriter: Tse Ngo-sheung, Derek Chiu
Cinematographer: Lai Yat-nam
Editor: Angie Lam, Josie Tang
Music: The Interzone Collective
Art Director: Fok Tat-wa
Production Company: Boundary Film
Print Source: Screen Asia


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