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Shadow Animals Image

Shadow Animals


ALT | International Shorts

At a Swedish winter party, a young girl quickly starts to wonder about her parents’ slightly odd behavior; soon she is completely puzzled by the bizarre dance they are indulging in. Shadow Animals calls itself "a dance-based drama about the discovery of human behaviour," and what a strange, almost cult-like world this girl is exposed to, though it’s her innocence that allows her to see what the indoctrinated adults cannot. This multi-award-winning film immerses you in a wonderfully odd, surreal experience—even if you may not be entirely sure of what it all means. "Skuggdjur is a short film of how a child perceives an adult world she hasn’t fully decoded and understood yet. This absurd realism, on the boundary between normal and surreal, merges acting and dancing. It’s a way to mirror our own behaviour, in all its absurdity, through the eyes of a child."—Jerry Carlsson

Screens in program Danger Signs

Director Jerry Carlsson
Country of Origin: Sweden
Year: 2017
Running Time: 22 mins
Format: DCP Unencrypted
Language:In Swedish with English subtitles
Cast: Ayla Turin, Cecilia Milocco, Peter Melin, Zana Penjweni
Producer: Frida Mårtensson
Screenwriter: Jerry Carlsson
Cinematographer: Marcus Dineen
Editor: Philip Bergström, Jerry Carlsson
Production Company: Garagefilm International
Print Source: Swedish Film Institute / Svenska Filminstitutet


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