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Boy Saint Image

Boy Saint

ALT | International Shorts

Moments of joy, bonding and roughhousing on a school trip to the beach counterpoint one teen boy’s introspective sexual awakenings and questionings. Magnificent cinematography and editing create a visual feast that provides the imagery for a narrated poem by Peter Laberge alluding to early homosexual desires, but with Catholic overtones never directly expressed. This is a moving examination of becoming aware of one’s difference—yes, this can be frightening, as can be the threats to one’s safety that still come with it. "And he likes us until he doesn’t / Like trees struck by lightening / We aren’t visible until we’re on fire."—from "Boy Saint" by Peter Laberge

Screens in program Teen Perspectives

Canadian premiere
Director Tom Speers
Country of Origin: Ireland
Year: 2018
Running Time: 8 mins
Format: DCP
Cast: Finn Gillespie, Lenar Gaffney, Lewis Brophy, Scott Brophy, Harry Eaves, Evan Hamilton, Raymond Scully
Executive Producer: Todd Boss, Egg Creative, Claire McGirr
Producer: Cian Speers
Screenwriter: Peter Laberge
Cinematographer: Kevin Treacy
Editor: Tom Speers
Music: McKenzie Stubbert
Production Company: Gumbo Films
Print Source: Gumbo Films


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