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ALT | International Shorts

An undocumented Turkish immigrant works as a pedicab driver in New York, but he’s struggling, to his brother’s consternation. With immigration, refugees and illegal aliens such hot button issues in the Western world these days, Green shows us the world of the people who are the subject of debates and sometimes violence. In a cramped apartment, a group of men from different parts of the Middle East and North Africa may have shared dreams and aspirations, but they are often unable to communicate in their native tongue and live in fear under constant threat. Strong direction, script and lead performances highlight this small film that sensitively shows some of the challenges and difficulties facing immigrants in a racially charged environment.

Screens in program Crisis of Our Age

Canadian premiere
Country of Origin: USA
Year: 2017
Running Time: 13 mins
Format: DCP
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Cast: Erol Afsin, Aziz Capkurt
Producer: Mustafa Kaymak, Michael Peters
Screenwriter: Mustafa Kaymak, Suzanne Andrews Correa
Cinematographer: Farhad Ahmed Dehlvi
Editor: Pinar Yorgancioglu
Print Source: Mustafa Kaymak


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