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The Stone Speakers Image

The Stone Speakers

Kameni Govornici

True North | Future//Present

In present day Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country divided primarily between the Bosniak, Serb and Croat ethnic groups, economically depressed towns transform themselves into tourist destinations for their own survival, deliberately forming their own cultural narratives in the process. After the acclaimed films Krivina and The Waiting Room, Bosnian-Canadian director Igor Drljača shows how history can seize control of the present in the strangest of ways with his first documentary feature. Focusing on four different locations, The Stone Speakers incisively interrogates a divided nation’s contradictory memories and the thin lines between politics and folklore. Featuring off-screen interviews with a variety of citizens and tourists, the film is carried by the voices of those navigating these peculiar spaces. Leaving room for the viewer to peel away at the surface and consider both how things came to be what they are and the ill-fitted pieces that make up an unclear whole, Drljača challenges assumptions about heritage, nationhood and spirituality. Made with tactful distance and subtlety, Speakers cunningly allows the subtext of these sites to emerge indirectly, revealing the traumatic consequences of a country stuck in a post-war identity crisis.
Adam Cook

Director Igor Drljača
Country of Origin: Canada/Bosnia and Herzegovina
Year: 2018
Running Time: 92 mins
Format: DCP Unencrypted
Language:In Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian with English subtitles
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Producer: Igor Drljača, Albert Shin
Cinematographer: Amel Djikoli
Editor: Igor Drljača
Production Company: Timelapse Pictures
Print Source: TimeLapse Pictures


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