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Quantification Trilogy

Panorama | Vanguard

Over the course of his career, Vancouver-born artist Jeremy Shaw has traded in psychedelic transcendence. In the sci-fi tinged Quantification Trilogy, the drugs may be gone, but Shaw’s characters continue to escape the physical world and the present through ecstastic practices, set in a future where rationalism has taken hold completely. Described by the Sobey Award-winning artist as "para-fictions," the three inventive medium-length films that make up the Quantification TrilogyQuickeners (2014), Liminals (2016), and I Can See Forever (2018)—take place within an interconnected universe, but set in different periods: 500 years in the future; the 22nd or 23rd century; and 40 years from the present day, respectively. The films deal with "Quantum Humans," immortal, cyborg-like entities who "have evolved to operate solely on pure rational thought" and are each able to neurally connect to a central source known as The Hive, which houses the history of human knowledge. Central to each of the films is the use of dance as a ritual, used by Shaw’s evolved humans to recapture their original nature and transcend a technological existence. Shaw thus employs vintage means (found footage from the 1960s, shooting on 16mm and VHS) to craft each film, creating a fascinating and creative work about the relationship between the individual and the collective.

Quantification Trilogy - Quickeners

Director: Jeremy Shaw / Germany, 2014, 37 min.
Set 500 years in the future, Quickeners tells the story of an obscure disorder allowing a portion of the Quantum Human population to desire and feel as their human predecessors once did. A species wirelessly interconnected to The Hive, Quantum Humans have evolved to operate solely on rational thought and they have achieved immortality. As the film unfolds, we witness indecipherable testimonials, songs, prayers, convulsive dancing, serpent handling, and ecstatic states defined as "Quickening". more...

Quantification Trilogy- Liminals

Director: Jeremy Shaw / Germany, 2017, 31 min.
Set three generations from today, Liminals is presented as a chapter cut from a future documentary about marginalized societies. With the discovery that the abandoned notion of faith had biologically evolved to become an essential aspect of human survival, the species hovers on its imminent extinction. Small, clandestine groups, known as "periphery altruist cultures," have taken it upon themselves to search for effective ways of inciting new evolutionary advancements in hopes of saving humankind. more...

Quantification Trilogy - I Can See Forever

Director: Jeremy Shaw / Germany, 2018, 43 min.
Set approximately 40 years in the future, I Can See Forver is presented as a documentary television series about "The Singularity Project"; a failed government experiment that aimed to create a harmonious synthesis of human and machine. This specific episode is a verité account of the only known survivor, 27-year-old Roderick Dale. Born with an 8.7% Machine DNA biology, yet uninterested in the virtual reality-trappings of his time, Dale has committed himself to a life immersed in dance. more...

Canadian premiere
Director Jeremy Shaw
Country of Origin: Germany
Running Time: 111 mins
Format: DCP
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Producer: KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin
Cinematographer: Derek Howard
Editor: Jeremy Shaw
Music: There in Spirit
Print Source: Jeremy Shaw


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