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Julio Iglesias's House Image

Julio Iglesias's House

La casa de Julio Iglesias

ALT | Modes

In attempting to replicate Spain, Shanghai’s architects concluded "Spain means Julio Iglesias." Yes, that Julio Iglesias, the Spanish pop-star from the 70s and father to Enrique Iglesias; the king of Latin pop. Apparently Iglesias holds so much meaning for Spaniards that the entire nation could be reduced to this single male icon. Natalia Marín’s biting undertones and sumptuous representational imagery expertly critique such fatuous notions of national identity, while dismantling concepts of idealism.

Screens in program MODES 1

After the screening on Sunday, Oct. 7, please join us for light refreshments after a short walk to our community partner’s head office, HCMA Architecture + Design (400-675 West Hastings). Starting at 4:00pm, HCMA will lead a discussion around some of the themes and issues brought to light in MODES 1. Director and installation artist, Dimitri Venkov (Hymns of Muscovy) will join us via Skype from Moscow to take a deeper dive into his work.
This is a FREE event and open to all. Please reserve a seat on the Eventbrite listing.


Director Natalia Marín
Country of Origin: Spain
Year: 2018
Running Time: 13 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In Spanish, English
Related Links: Trailer
Editor: Natalia Marín
Producer: Natalia Marín
Print Source: Natalia Marín


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