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Danger Signs

ALT | International Shorts

So, if it happened that a possessed woman singled you out and told you were were about to die that would be a pretty obvious danger sign wouldn’t it? The signs aren’t always so clear in most of the films in this shorts program, but they are always present. Sometimes they are couched in the instructions you are being given, or disguised by strange behaviour, or strange people, or strange people behaving strangely. Sometimes it’s a matter of perception, and some people do seem to be more attuned to signs of danger than others. These short films explore various manifestations of danger in comedic and dramatic ways, all beautifully realized and wonderfully different.

Akeda (The Binding)

Director: Dan Bronfeld / USA, 2018, 18 min.
An orphan boy has his humanity tested when his film director encourages him to give a violent performance that will blend fiction with reality. more...

The Beetle at the End of the Street

Director: Joan Vives Lozano / Spain, 2017, 19 min.
After the fishmonger’s seer daughter points to him and says he will die in seven days, a dull, self-sacrificing man becomes a celebrity amongst the townsfolk—but it’s not going to last. more...

Exit Toll

Director: Mohammad Najarian Dariani / France/Iran, 2017, 18 min.
While he works at an airport toll booth, a bored Iranian man is trying to learn English as he dreams of taking off to the promised land abroad. more...

The Light Refracts into the Shadows

Director: Tsung Hsuan Yeh / UK, 2018, 16 min.
When an aging man’s glasses get broken, he is thrust into a hallucinatory journey of self-discovery that has him questioning his world view, both literally and figuratively. more...

Open House

Director: Philip Aceto / USA, 2018, 18 min.
A marginalized high-school custodian, fearing the loss of his authority and job, is faced with obnoxious students, a sense of loneliness and an ever increasing stress load. more...

Shadow Animals

Director: Jerry Carlsson / Sweden, 2017, 22 min.
At a Swedish winter party, a young girl quickly starts to wonder about her parents’ slightly odd behavior; soon she is completely puzzled by the bizarre dance they are indulging in. more...


Director: Max Blustin / UK, 2018, 4 min.
A waitress overhears a couple’s emotional and tragic conversation… but she goes to take their order anyway. Staring Nathalie Emmanuel (Game of Thrones). more...

Director Various
Country of Origin: Various
Year: 2018
Running Time: 115 mins


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