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Quantification Trilogy - Quickeners


Set 500 years in the future, Quickeners tells the story of Human Atavism Syndrome (H.A.S.), an obscure disorder afflicting a tiny portion of the Quantum Human population to desire and feel as their Human Being predecessors once did. A species wirelessly interconnected to The Hive, Quantum Humans have evolved to operate solely on pure rational thought and they have achieved immortality. Quickeners is set against a cinéma vérité aesthetic, reworking archival documentary footage from a gathering of Pentecostal Christian snake handlers to illustrate the story. As the film unfolds, an authoritative Quantum Human narrator comments on what we witness: indecipherable testimonials, sermons, songs, prayers, convulsive dancing, speaking-in-tongues, serpent handling, and ecstatic states that Quantum Humans define as "Quickening".

Screens in program Quantification Trilogy

Director Jeremy Shaw
Country of Origin: Germany
Year: 2014
Running Time: 37 mins
Print Source: Jeremy Shaw


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