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Varda by Agnès Image

Varda by Agnès

Varda par Agnès

MAD | Music/Art/Design

Agnès Varda, who passed away this spring, leaves behind this delicate compendium of her life’s work. A brilliant photographer, filmmaker, and installation artist, she lived a life defined by curiosity and imagination, and this film is both a tribute to those qualities and a demonstration of them. Beginning as a simple filmed lecture, it quickly changes form to include excerpts from her life’s work along with production footage, interviews, playful vignettes, and more…

As a key member of the Nouvelle Vague, Varda helped change cinema forever; this film covers her key contributions to that movement - La Pointe courte and Cléo From 5 to 7 - as well as her early career as a photographer, her politically militant works, and her late-in-life embrace of digital video and gallery art. If you’re new to her work, Varda by Agnès is the ideal introduction; if you’re a fan in who mourned her passing, it’s a great belated sendoff; if you’re just looking for inspiration, it’s a wonderful primer on life lived with the utmost creativity.

"A cathartic, bittersweet swansong…" - Alasdair Bayman, Cinevue

Director Agnès Varda
Country of Origin: France
Year: 2019
Running Time: 115 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In French with English subtitles
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Executive Producer: Rosalie Varda
Producer: Rosalie Varda
Screenwriter: Agnès Varda
Cinematographer: François Décréau, Claire Duguet, Julia Fabry
Editor: Agnès Varda, Nicolas Longinotti
Production Company: Ciné Tamaris, Arte France
Distributor: Films We Like


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